Thursday, July 5, 2001

birthday to me!  Yea, i’m the big 24 now.  to celebrate, my mommie
took me out to eat, we had dinner at the Outback, so that was nice.  And
for myself, I actually wrote a new poem!  Check it out under poetry.

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

I got a new ad
system on the site now, it will rotate through a new ad when ever it loads the
outside frame of the web page.  My quote of the day:  <radial> i don’t know how to make a radial, but i know how to eat a
trishly! 🙂

Sunday – July 1, 2001

i’m back from a
night on the town.  me and pretzelboy and friends went out to eat.  we
went to a bookstore here and they had all this whole section of diet
books.  the isle wasn’t any wider there than the other isles, i think if i
were fat i’d file discrimination.  besides, i bet if they combined the
weight of all those diet books, it would weigh like 2 tons, so what’s the
point?  maybe that could be an observations…