its that time of year again. i’ve spent the last few weeks shopping for your present. i have several methods of which i purchase gifts. one, i will buy a bunch of stuff that is gift worthy. then i’ll take it all home, and pick one of them up and say this would be good for so and so. and pick another up and say this would be for so and so. and so on until all the gifts are accounted for. another method, i walk aimlessly around the malls until i see something that catches my eye and makes me say that would be good for so and so. and i’ll buy it. thats the best way i think. problem is since i’m a man, i dread spending all day in the malls. so if at the end of the day of walking around i still haven’t seen something to catch my eye for a particular person i’m missing, i feel very lost. that’s when i resort back to method #1. but sometimes the combinations of methods leads me to have extra gifts. which is good anyway, because i’m sure i’ve forgotten someone. i spent a lot of money on myself this year. since i dont have a partner to spend money on, i might as well enjoy it. so i got a PS2. and i got the very awesome final fantasy x. i also got kingdom hearts which i am already stuck in. besides, i’ve been wasting my time with yuna and rikku and the ever growing on me lulu. the game is filled with gratuitous shots of her breasts which i’m noticing way too much, so thats not good. shots of her breasts are allowed, but not to the point where they’re just doing it for the hell of it. it’s not necessary to have a shot of someone standing to the side of lulu talking, and having lulu in the foreground with just her cleavage showing. when she wins a battle, she’ll hang her torso down and let them hang and swang around. lulu is just a little slut. but yuna and rikku on the other hand. ahhh. well, anyway. my good friend margaret in china informed me she would not buy any Christmas cards because it would contribute to the pollution. that’s a new concept for me. but i guess when you have a country with how ever many billion of people they have and if each person gave away 10 Christmas cards year after year, they can pile up pretty quick. where do old cards go? do you throw them away? do you keep them in a box? do you send received cards to someone else? my downfall is i have some clothing i received for Christmas that i never returned because i dont like them. i dont know what to do with them. i would give them away but i’ve forgotten who gave them to me. i dont want to give it back to the same person who gave it to me. i think my dad did that last year. if i remember correctly i gave him a lowes gift card two years ago. well, last year i got one from him. pretty sure it was the same one i gave to him. ahh well. actually, i don’t know if i’ve ever spent it. hmmm. i have a gift card for best buy that i will never use. because i’ve boycotted best buy. i’ve boycotted wal mart from game purchases as well. eb games and babbages and of course somewhere online are my new fav places to buy from. i’ve even already received my first gift. thanks marty. but i haven’t opened it yet. i’ll wait until we can officially exchange presents until i do. marty’s one of those people i saw something and said oo that would be great for marty. i even was tempted to pick one up for myself. but i refrained. maybe i’ll go back later and get another one. friday night we had our company Christmas get together. and i didn’t feel lonely one bit. although i was the only single guy there. you know this is the first Christmas in about 7 years where i haven’t had a girlfriend? it’s weird. almost as weird as my first Christmas with a girlfriend. the only decorating i’ve done for Christmas is the tons of unwrapped presents on my floor. the bags they came out of are strewn amongst the house belongings. receipts are all over my kitchen counter. i’m gathering wrapping paper and tape and scissors in anticipation of a hurried wrapping session. my cats attempt to wrap themselves. my dog thinks Christmas cookies are hers. yet i’m right on track. i haven’t given in to the commercialization of Christmas. maybe. you know, like charlie brown. i only this year realized what the charlie brown Christmas special was all about. ok, my cat just fell off the desk. that’s rare. anyway, pay attention next time. but watch it on tv. the dvd version only brings out the bad sound quality and editing. it was obviously meant for adults, kids would never understand a show like that. and did you see the new muppet Christmas show? not for kids either. i’m proud of them. there was enough political, satirical and sexual humor to please me and make me laugh so hard to fall off the couch. well in case i dont have time to write again, and in case i dont see you again before hand, merry Christmas. enjoy it. get and give what you want. relax, meet old friends and family. eat lots of food. and spend the next week cleaning up, organizing your house, and wondering when you’re going to do all those returns and exchanges

still recovering. but i’m alive. For those who don’t have a clue, my area received a huge ice storm last Wednesday night. my power went off right around midnight Wednesday night. i lit some candles, played some guitar, and then went to bed. i awoke to a very cold house, and as it continued to get colder, i decided against roughing it and went to my dads. who has a fireplace and a generator. i packed up a huge backpack of clothes, magazines, water, food, camera equipment and the like and walked to his house. on the way, i took lots of pictures which i will be working on posting here as soon as i can. and it wasn’t until quite a while of me doing photos for documentary sake and arts sake that i realized i had been stepping all over a power line. apparently and luckily it was disconnected at both ends. The trees all swayed into the road, taking the power lines with them. all around me was the popping snapping sounds of trees breaking and falling. at that point, i knew i was going to be out of power for quite some time. if just my immediate area was like this, it must be far worse elsewhere. got to my dads, and me and my dad went walking and i took more pics. we walked his woods and saw all the damage to the trees. got depressed, and walked back, and Marie (my stepmom) had cooked up some food on the fireplace. we ate and watched the news (tv on generator) and just lounged around. nothing else to do. that night, power came on at about 10:00 pm. i was watching tv, and noticed the clocks coming on and the answering machine start. cool, but i hadn’t seen anyone come fix the power lines. 30 minutes later it went back off. well, ok, to make a long story short, it came back on saturday night about 8 or so. we washed clothes and things like that while we had power, they still hadn’t come to fix the down line yet. not quite sure how we had power, but we did. and it continued to stay on. i ended up leaving today around 3 pm. sat and sun was full of chainsawing and picking up and hauling and the like. i counted 6 truckloads of limbs we hauled in the truck, and maybe another 10 full we moved by hand. trees are very heavy to move especially when covered in ice. the most exercise i’ve had all year maybe. well, im thankful i have power now. i can come back home and clean my house, wash clothes, take a hot shower and eat a good meal. i think i’ll even sleep naked tonight just cuz i can

here here, i agree
completely.  smoking
 I left my last girl because of it.  the smell is nasty.
it makes you stink.  it makes people around you stink.  i can smell it
on you after you sneak away to smoke and you dont think anyone knows.
browsing the wonderful jinx site, i’d
also like to point out this.
aint no way
i’d do that.  Screw
game developers should release their games as they see fit.  walmart wont
carry them, but ebgames,,, babbages, whatever
tickles your pinky will carry them, make the stores lots of money and wal mart
wont get a penny cuz the customers will go where they need to go to get the
games.  maybe then when walmart looses their 25% share on game sales will
they wisen up and let developers do their job and develop.

screw the little kids
and their extremist ways too.  screw the people
who go

tipping.   screw the

women and their evil
intentions.  a system made 20 years ago was
a challenge to
recover a ‘timecapsule’
project?  makes you wonder about digital
archival.  monopoly
has a
recruits brainwash kids
.  recruiting kids is not a business.  it’s
a choice that needs to be made by a clear minded individual who knows and
understands all risks and consequences of joining the military.
Like arcade machines?  Oooo
looks like DDR 8th mix is out soon according to them.