Blog spam

Blog spam

You absolute mother fuckers.  I’m pointing at you spammers, or spam bots or whatever.  Gaining access to my website, (actually my other website,, I need to check this one out too) and spyfully adding in hidden div’s and links and funky things to dvd movie downloads of all sorts of shit.  Take a sneak peek at the back end area, and look carefully at the html coding to find the hidden messages.  These have been there for weeks, and today I just noticed them.  Now I have to go through each post and clean up this mess.  Sigh..  You should check out your page code also if you have anything similar.  Screenshots below.  If you see any weird looking posts let me know as I may screw up some of the real code deleting the spam code.

In other news.  I’ve started a while back using a content delivery network for some of the larger videos at my sites.  Hopefully, you’ve never noticed it but if you’ve downloaded the 2 latest videos you probably actually got them from elsewhere.  Enjoy the large download files and speeds.   Eventually I’ll get all the large versions up.  I’ve also switched to using Vimeo for the streaming of video, and may switch that in house via the cdn also. Why Vimeo?  Less bullshit, more mature users, awesome looking page with customizations, ability to download the file, and the key thing is videos are not limited to 10 minutes.

Latest update

Feeling pretty good, had my birthday blast party this past weekend at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Our local town had a fireworks show for me as well.  Got my car inspected and running good last week, about over my sickness.  I built myself a new computer for my birthday present.  My business is doing good, if I can just continue to keep up with it.

So I got some spam email today and the subject was Excited?  So I replied why yes I am.

Then I got another spam email:

From: Alexis Brooks []
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2:12 PM
Subject: PRODUCT RFQ (PO #CII6831)

Attention: Sales Department

Here is a Request from  Cable Inside Inc, Located Billerica, MA. Cable Inside, Inc is a wholesale distributor of Tel/Data & Control Cable, Logistics, & Mgmt. and also printer repairs.
We are currently upgrading our desktop computers/printers and need to order from you computer supplies and parts so we would like you to provide a quote for the following items.

Hewlett Packard Request:
1. Original HP C6578DN Tricolor Inkjet Cartridge 2. Original HP Q7583A Color Sphere magenta laser toner cartridge

Memory & Processor Request:
1. 1GB Kit 333MHZ DDR PC2700 Dimm  (KVR333X64C25/1G) (Any Brand).
2. BX80546PG3400E- 3.40E GHz 800 MHz 90 nm C0 1 MB 478 pin PPGA.

Kindly Provide a PDF quote with pricing , availability either by email or fax and we would get back to you with our upon acceptance and approval of quotes.
I will be faxing a hardcopy of Purchase order # CII6831 for shipping of the order. Payment Terms: Cashier’s check on Delivery (COD)

We look forward to doing business with you.


Alexis Brooks
Cable Inside, Inc
Address: 85 Rangeway Road, Floor #1
Billerica MA 01862-0000
FEDERAL TAX ID #: 32-0006394
DUNS NUMBER: 04-664-9278
Phone: 206-426-5417
Fax Number: 978-947-0546

My reply was simply:

1 Million Dollars

with an attachment named quote.jpg that was this picture