scam for some company

scam for some company

This person contacted me via yahoo messenger and offered me a part time job for Bishopston Trading Company.  I quickly realized it to be a scam, contacted the company who’s being wrongly named in the scam and asked them if I can help.  They said the British police are already investigating, and the best thing they would ask me to do is waste as much time of theirs as possible.  Hence the following conversation:

beckywilson_2000: hello radial
beckywilson_2000: how are u doin today?
beckywilson_2000: hello
radialmonster: im good how are you?
beckywilson_2000: im fine thank you
beckywilson_2000: so did u get my mail on the part time job?
radialmonster: i did
beckywilson_2000: so what do you think about it?
radialmonster: do you have any pictures?
beckywilson_2000: my pictures?
radialmonster: i mean of the products
beckywilson_2000: we have our website there
beckywilson_2000: read the mail,ok
radialmonster: yes i got the email
radialmonster: would i get a 1099 tax form at the end of the year?
beckywilson_2000: we have our website on it
beckywilson_2000: ok
beckywilson_2000: u would not get any tax,we shall be responsible for any tax
beckywilson_2000: okay
radialmonster: hmm ok
radialmonster: i need to send you my international working permits what is the address i can mail them to?
beckywilson_2000: yes
beckywilson_2000: to
beckywilson_2000: okay
beckywilson_2000: also the below information so the payment can get to you
beckywilson_2000: Full Names:
beckywilson_2000: Address:
beckywilson_2000: City:
beckywilson_2000: State:
beckywilson_2000: Zip code:
beckywilson_2000: Country:
beckywilson_2000: Mobile Phone number
beckywilson_2000: okay?
radialmonster: I only have them in paper form, do you have a fax number?
beckywilson_2000: nope,you should scan an attach it to your mail
beckywilson_2000: okay?
radialmonster: hmm ok i’ll have to find someone to scan all my paperwork for me
beckywilson_2000: thats fine,also the whole information needed for the payment to get to you
radialmonster: yes
beckywilson_2000: ok,when exactly do you think i will get them via email?
radialmonster: i’m not sure i do not have a scanner for my documentation
radialmonster: how quick was you needing help?
beckywilson_2000: it depends on when you send it,so we arrange on when the next payments will be sent to the states
beckywilson_2000: okay?
radialmonster: ok will see what i can do
beckywilson_2000: ok,thats good
beckywilson_2000: you are Radial what?
radialmonster: Radial Monster
beckywilson_2000: okay
radialmonster: And your name?
beckywilson_2000: what do you do for a living?
beckywilson_2000: am Becky Wilson
radialmonster: Are you a girl?
beckywilson_2000: nope,am a lady
radialmonster: nice answer
radialmonster: I usually only use this yahoo chat to talk with women
beckywilson_2000: okay i see
radialmonster: did you want to send me one of your pictures?
beckywilson_2000: not really
beckywilson_2000: what do you do for a living?
radialmonster: oh
radialmonster: i work on computers
radialmonster: what do you do?
beckywilson_2000: i work with my Company
beckywilson_2000: u mean softwares or programmers
radialmonster: is that your full time job?
beckywilson_2000: sure
beckywilson_2000: is that your picture?
beckywilson_2000: \
radialmonster: sorry my boss came in
radialmonster: thats me
radialmonster: to the right there
beckywilson_2000: okay i see
radialmonster: you really dont want to send me your picture?
beckywilson_2000: how much do you earn in an hr
beckywilson_2000: ?
beckywilson_2000: not now
radialmonster: i earn around 9 dollars an hour
radialmonster: what about you?
beckywilson_2000: i earn 15pounds in an hr
beckywilson_2000: U THERE?
radialmonster: i just by working at this job?
beckywilson_2000: tell me more
radialmonster: tell you more? you wont even send me a picture
beckywilson_2000: ok ok well i have to scan it also
beckywilson_2000: will you send your to me now?
radialmonster: my what?
radialmonster: my picture is already here
beckywilson_2000: i mean more
beckywilson_2000: will be going to bed soon
beckywilson_2000: okay?
radialmonster: ok good night then dream about me
beckywilson_2000: why?
radialmonster: i told you i use this to talk to girls
radialmonster: so youre a lady right
radialmonster: are you married?
beckywilson_2000: yep
beckywilson_2000: nope
beckywilson_2000: are u?
radialmonster: no thats why i chat here to meet girls
beckywilson_2000: ok i see
beckywilson_2000: dont forget about the scanned of what we need for the company
beckywilson_2000: okay
radialmonster: k and get your picture took
radialmonster: good night
beckywilson_2000: ok,good night Radial  (insert picture of a smiley guy blowing a kiss)
radialmonster: good night again
beckywilson_2000: u 2
beckywilson_2000 has signed out. (2/20/2007 3:17 PM)


The email I recieved from Becky is below:

      I am Becky Wilson from United States,but live and work in United Kingdom.
We are looking for a representative in the United states who will be working for us as a part-time worker and we are willing to pay(10%) $300 for every payment you receive,which wouldnt not affect your present state of work,if you are interested pls am online u can chat with me.

We are looking for a representative in the Unites states, someone who would help us recieve payments from our client  in the United states.

First, i would like to know your Age, Sex and Location, and what you do for a living. I am Becky Wilson female/from England and i work for Rose household Textiles Ltd Uk in the Human Resource Dept.
The company name is Rose Household Textiles Ltd. Uk and we are located in Khan House, Chattley Street in Manchester, Lancashire Uk.
Our main factory and head office is located in Uk were but we also have a factory in wst Africa where we get most of the cotton which we use in manufacturing our products.
You can check our website to get more info on what we manufacture and supply and if you wish to know more about us.

We manufacture duvets,pillows,bedlinen, covers, mink blankets, satin bedspread. These are the main Products which we manufacture and supply to our customers.

We are willing to pay 300$ per every payment you recieve and you can still keep your regular job while you work for us.
These payments are in Checks and Money Orders and they would come to you in your name to your location,
So all you need to do is to receive these checks or Money orders (it would be delivered to you by FEDEX or UPS to your loation)
As soon as you receive it, you take it to your bank or the nearest cashing store and cash it, Then you take 10% of the money and send the balance to us through western union money transfer. The transfer fee would be from our part.
The problem we have is trust,But we have our way of getting anyone that gets away with our money,i mean the FBI……… So the question i have for you is can we trust you with our Money.
So if we can trust you and you are interested in this offer, you are to provide the following info: The Name that would be on the check, The address it would be mailed to, your direct contact phone number, and your email address.Reply me to my Email Address(

FULL ……….NAME………………
FAX NUMBER……………………..

Fill this form and get back to me with all the contact information we require from you,for The Payment To Reach You,

Thank You,

The email I recieved back from the real company when I informed them about the scam is below:

Thanks for your email and recognizing that this is a scam – you wouldn’t believe the hundreds of people who have contacted us thinking this is a real job.  Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do about it – we contact the servers everytime we get a new email address for the spammers – and this is in the hands of the police here in the UK.  Feel free to be as rude as you like to the spammers – and waste as much of their time as possible!

So I’m going to have a little fun and see how far it goes.

I’ve made a fake ID from a template I found here to send to them.



Dont have a clue what this is??

Here’s a translation

Here’s Wikipedia, in French. Look at the pictures. Yes, that’s my fat ass cat in the pet carrier dipped into the tub full of water and flea shampoo. They also have a very flattering picture of him after the bath, and another of me drying him with a towel. Some bright and clever frenchman has found the pictures of me washing fat cat and put them on an official encloypedia page for a Machine to Wash The Cat.

Here’s my original set:

Sadly fat cat ran outside one night never to return. He was a very sweet cat, I still miss him. Now he’s immortalized into the world of learning fun! aha thanks Lachaume

vday 2006

vday 2006

I just love it when I find a new song I can put on repeat and just listen for hours and still digg it.  Curious as to the song?  You could learn a lot about me by viewing my page.

Some lucky lady could of had dinner, flowers, a bubble bath at home, the whole thing.  But I spent my money on myself tonight. Went out to eat with the other losers who didnt have a date either.  What made it even worse is I think I was the only alone loser at the restaurant.  The date offer I did have I was not interested in, and I hated to reject someone on valentines day.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I’m still hearing about it.  I didnt even bother to ask the other couple of girls that I’m totally interested in, as they haven’t shown any further interest recently.  Unbenownst to even my closest friends who I went with to the Circus last week, the seat beside me was empty as the date I asked to go chose not to respond.  Ok, the circus isn’t a great date place, but if a girl goes to the circus with me for a date, she’s my kind of girl.  So, I used the seat as a nice armrest and a buffer between me and the person the seat over. 

It’s like she read my page here and just came right out and said it.  Left no doubt about it, enough to make me blush even.  Even though I was having lunch with another girl.  Sweet waitress told me the other day she has been meaning to tell me for a long time (I visit this restaurant a lot and see her a lot) I have the prettiest smile.  Thanks.  Then she came back and said I had a handsome smile.  Ok, but i liked pretty better aha.  So I asked if she would email me, she said of course, but no word yet.  arghh whats with you girls.

Been playing Magic the Gathering again recently.  So far this spell I’m 3 of 3 winning.  Our games last forever, like 5 hours!  Tons of strategy and thinking involved, not for the average poker player, but just right for me.


Damn this song is awesome.

happy valentines day 2006

I had written this over a year ago, to be automatically posted 2-14-06. I never finished it, so I stopped that auto post and it’s been sitting in my drafts folder for a year now. I need to clean that out, so I’m letting this go as that love has gone too. Enjoy:

Today is also our anniversary, 2 years ago i asked you to be my girlfriend. The timing was on purpose. It was hardly a surprise when you said yes. i think you had even asked me before, but i would say no or put it off so i could do it on this day. to me, you were already my girlfriend, but it just made it official. and we seemed to just get closer and closer and there we are each night together and each morning together. i dont remember when we stopped being alone and started being together. it was a constant change.