Saturday, January 25, 2003

sorry, been
slack.  i’ve been working on this site, but you cant see what ive done yet.
been propagating gigs.  have a show tonight in wake forest, me and mercy.
come see us.  at philly bistro.  cept i dont think its called philly
bistro anymore.  white street cafe or something like that.  anyway,
thats tonight.  7:30 pm or something around there.  i’m working on
packing up now, just wanted to stop in and say hi and to say stay tuned

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

and the hits keep
coming.  Cirque du Soleil will
be coming to my area in March.  Another show i thought I may never see.
I originally saw a recording of one of their shows at my good friend Scott’s
house.  Very odd stuff, but i’m odd and Scott may be even odder so i liked
it.  To say it’s a circus is a grand understatement.  It’s performance
art with talent.  I was going to finally see them.  In Disney World a
few years ago.  I had reservations.  Front row even!  but alas
the plans crumbled along with the then relationship.  There is a permanent
show in Las Vegas from my understanding.  Now, there is a permanent show in
Disney World too.  but, in March, they’ll be coming to town so i’ll be
there.  just some random links to keep you busy.  at what point will
the entire bible be found written on
stone tablets?  A
new sea may be forming in
.  Should the US
negotiate with North
Korea?  Ever seen a

60 foot lava lamp
?  I’ve always wanted to get a bunch of friends to
drive down the interstate with me side by side at exactly the speed limit to
block all the speeders.  Problem is all of my friends are the speeders.
Now, looks like the cops will
do it for me.
There’s not much paraphrasing i can do to this,

so here’s it
:  “A Russian man who murdered his friend in a drunken
argument and then minced and flavored his body for a meal, was jailed for 12
years..”  Only thing i can say is 12 years?  Supreme court justice
says screw the
, there’s too much separation between church and state.
Conspiracy time?  Who you gonna believe,
The Register or
RIAA?  it’s ok, i
just heard from Andrew from The Register,
he says stay tuned. so be sure to keep checking the Reg. This girl wants some
money so she can get implants.  I
told her i thought they looked just fine already.  let her know what you
think.  But of course, you cant have one without the other.  So,
here’s the guy who wants a wanker job.
I told him he’d be better off putting his pants back on.
the US government (military
no doubt) is now fighting
war with spam
.  The computer company I work for
has no recycling program
at all, save for me taking the plastic bottles and aluminum cans home each week
for me to recycle.  Do you believe aliens exist?  Ward off those evil
aliens with the official no
aliens sticker
.   courtesy of my good friend Marshall.
Thanks dude.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Its all about time.
you weren’t here before and you aren’t here now.  you cant just come back
and expect me to greet you nicely.  your coolness doesn’t impress me.
your horoscope was wrong.  that collage was too big.  ahh well.
the warehouse of love.  chewing on dried beer droppings isn’t tasteful.
the windows are open.  unusual is so usual here. the picture is too dark.
this place doesn’t have a river sky line.  red leopard prints decorate my
bed.  i meant to say yes.  mischievous people aren’t shy.  it
hangs out too much.  this crazy life.  its started back again.
slowing me down.  giving me headaches.  your eyes don’t comfort me
anymore.  i don’t have anything to say.  it doesn’t take much anymore.
i’m so negative.

Some of my favorite bands are
10,000 Maniacs,
Crash Test Dummies,
They Might Be Giants,
Indigo Girls
, Jewel,
Tori Amos,
Sarah McLaughlin,  (uh,
they’re a she, not a band), and I have personally seen every one of them in
concert.  Many of these bands are artists i never thought i would actually
see live.  It was so surreal to me to see especially 10,000 maniacs as they
are one of my all time favorite groups.  And they are so unknown and
obscure, everyone says they’ve heard of them but can’t name a single song by
them.  Tori Amos is also extremely unknown.  However, her new album is
#2 for college style radio air play.  I like unpopular music.  Another
of my favorite bands is Toad The Wet
.  And since they broke up, I never thought I’d get the chance
to see them in concert.  But, now my dream has been realized.  Don’t
know why they decided to, but they’ve chosen to get together again and put a few
more shows on the road.  March 8, 2003 I will finally be going to see them,
at what will more than likely be one of their last concerts.  It’s in
Myrtle Beach, SC at the House Of Blues so i’ve
got a nice little road trip ahead of me to look forward to.  I particularly
remember the first time i really took notice of Toad.  I was sitting in my
car in the parking lot of the Highway Patrol in Henderson, NC.  Listing to
WRDU 106 on the radio.  I was waiting for someone.  and they played
this great song by them, in fact it just so happens to be the very song i’m
listening to now.  Fall Down.  isn’t that a coincidence?  No, i
didn’t time it that way.  I have 5 of their CD’s in my cd player and have
it playing through them randomly.  So i heard the song and thought wow what
a great song, and they said who it was at the end of the song which they rarely
do anymore.  I took mention of it and went out and got one of their CD’s.
Then i realized I had heard several other of their songs on the radio before,
just never realized it was the same group.  And I’m sure you’ve heard them
too if you’d check them out sometime.