ya i cant get on da internets 2

i cant get on da internets
ok, and what is the error you’re getting?
it says page can not be displayed
ok, so what happens when you dial it up
it says this right here
says what?
page can not be displayed.
ok but it has to try dial up the service, what is the error you get then?
i dont know
what do you click on to get on the internet?
the button
and what does that button say
the internet
ok try to get on the internet and tell me what youre clicking

i tried to get on, but it said somethign about a virus and i have to restore and i tried to restore but didnt nothing come up
do you knw if you have a virus scanner on the computer?
naw i dont even know

ok, go to internet explorer, tools and internet options. click connections at top. ok click setup on the right. and whats it asking for there?
ok it got like msn and programs and all that
hu? where do you see that at
where you told me it was it
but what did you just click on
the thing you told me to click on
and whats that look like again?
what i just told you
ok cancel that and try clicking setup again
ok now we got internet connection wizard
ok thats what we wanted

and what screen are you on?
the main screen
and whats on that screen?
nothing, just a blank screen
ok then try to get on the internet
yea ok its workin

did you axe her?

yea i cant get on to da internets
ok what kind of problem are you having
it aint expecting my name
ok what name are you using
my name i signed up fo
ok what name was that
its my first name and my babys name
ok whats your first name
yea and my baby’s name
ok and whats your first name
ok can you spell that
yea its jaliafigywa
ok and what is happening exactly?
da internets aint working
ok do you get an error message?
yea it’s just a blank screen
ok, and what does it say on the screen?
it dont say nuttin
it’s black?
naw it’s just got this thing on it that says error
ok, and what does it say on the screen?
it says it cant find da internets

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