Friday, March 21, 2003

yes its late. this
cant continue forever.  i’ve been watching a convoy traveling across the
iraqi desert.  in real time.  via a videophone. yesterday, reporters
were told that there was not going to be any action last night.
intelligence changed and so did their plans.  apparently each news network
expects to have their flagship anchorman available at any given moment to show
on the screen.  too bad ABC dropped the ball and accidentally
let viewers see a black screen
for a few minutes last night. they also
complained that Peter Jennings already left for home that night so he was away
when all the other news stations had their associated news guys on the air. news
from drudge:  “Reconnaissance photographs: Iraqi artillery units
preparing to use chemical warfare shells" 
  keep an eye out.
Israel is asking some local web sites to
not report what they see
going on there.  One website i like to view is
debkafile.  this site was not
mentioned in the previous article.  People around the world are

protesting the war.
    apparently a huge storm is now
developing in Russia that will bring very terrible dust storms into Iraq in the
next 96 hours.  Within the next few hours, 20% of the republican guard is
expected to surrender.
Saddam has a
really big secret.
  sex is

no longer the current #1
most searched for term on the net.
important safety information from someone
important. have fun

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

imagine your in
Iraq and listening to your little radio and you hear “ahumad quambe virzhra”
which translates into Saddam is the most wonderful president we’ve ever had
forced upon us and then all of a sudden the radio goes silent.  and you
hear another voice come on a few seconds later that says “This is the day you’ve
been waiting for”.  And suddenly your Iraqi state radio has been hijacked
by the US military.  You look at

one of the many leaflets you’ve picked up
off the ground that is suggesting
you to not fight the incoming troops.  suggesting you drop your weapons,
unless you are a captain, walk away from your tank for half a mile and gather
with a bunch of your buddies with a white flag while an army of around 60,000
troops in heavy machinery come racing towards you.  Then around a dozen
missiles and bombs drop from the air and
land on a nearby
.  you see one of your nations leaders head fly across the sky.
Air raid sirens go off and you hear frantic attempts at anti-aircraft fire all
around you.

very sporadic reports start flying
across the world that the war has begun.
your countrymen have
already started to surrender

, one of the most devastating armies in the world is waiting on the
border.  just looking for the word to roll out.  the armies have been
given orders.  do what you will, but whatever happens, never do two things.
show your national flag, or
give candy to the kids
.  even more meanwhile while the world is focused
on Iraq, an army of
1000 troops
are storming Afghanistan attempting to find members of Al Queda.
Back on
the home front
we watch the war on tv live as if it was a movie.  I
first heard of the impeding speech at about 9:45 pm tonight.  Bush was
expected to give a short speech to officially say that the first shots had been
fired at 10:15pm.  At 9:35 pm was when the reports came in that bombs were
dropping in Baghdad.  News travels quickly these days.  If you know
where to look.  On every major TV station, regular programming went off and
the national news came on at about 10:00 pm.  Apparently there are only a
few cameras positioned in Baghdad because they all showed the same shots.
And in these screens after these bombs had been dropped you could see people
walking the streets and cars driving along.  Maybe they didn’t see the
early morning sky light up or hear what had happened and were going about their
normal business.  Just think of all the other civilians in their homes
then, most probably asleep at that time.  think about those people as they
expect 1 in 10 major buildings to be destroyed in Baghdad.  Within 48-72
hours, they have targeted 7,000 sites to be destroyed to fulfill their initial
war plans.  Our nations terror alert has now risen to ‘high’.  And
now, Saddam has
on their national TV.  Wonder if it’s pre-recorded.  The
White House is asking for emergency money to help defend against terrorist
attacks.  If Baghdad falls, and Saddam realizes it’s hopeless, he could do
a suicide mission and

destroy the entire city
along with all our troops and his civilians in it?
talks of a new weapon that would
render their
electronics inoperable

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

First shots
fired in the new war
.  Saddam has reportedly given pre-authorization to
all iraqi commanders to use chemical weapons while France has said any use of
chemical weapons against the US and allies force will result in France changing
their mind and supporting the war. How do you be a journalist in a country where
no one is
allowed to talk about politics?

One older woman from Baghdad
explained through a bus window that while she believed that the United States
would not hurt civilians, Saddam would not hesitate to do so.”  So
how did that reporter get into Iraq?
The old
fashioned way.
    But it looks like the police and otherwise
supposedly opposing parties didn’t mind him sneaking into Iraq.  In fact,
they wanted to help him.  want a get rich quick scheme?  The
rebuilding of Iraq after we bomb the hell out of it will be partly done by

private contractors who win bids offered by our government.
people worry about rioting in America when war sets loose.  Maybe you
should be
worried about the war protestors instead.