If you watch my flickr stream you’ve seen pictures from shows at a local place i frequent of people playing music.  Pictures of people playing music isn’t very fulfilling so I’ve also been videoing with my non video camera camera.  There had been promise of flickr allowing video uploads and I had wanted to integrate the video into the picture sets.  However, with flickr this week releasing the video upload section, it doesn’t quite work as I had pictured.  90 second limits aren’t enough for a 5 minute song.  So I’ll just stick with youtube.  I did look at other video services such as veoh and viddler and the now defunct stage6 but youtube can boast the greater audience level, one of the main reasons I picked flickr for my pictures.   Either way, I’ve uploaded the first of these videos, and linked above.  Here’s my old friend Mercy singing at spinners.  Apologies for the background noise, although amusing, detracts quite a bit. I have more to come with some cleaner audio.  When I get rich one day I’ll buy a new video camera.

My scammers seemed to have disappeared.  I guess they realized they weren’t getting easy money from me.  I get the random occasional chat message still, I received one the other day from pamela.campbell that simply said i love you.  I guess I didn’t get whatever lulz I was expecting.  But it’s enjoyable to waste their time and about the only real direct thing I can do to them.

For those curious I did not buy my full time job.  Rumors are all around about all sorts of things, and rumors are fun sometimes.  An official announcement has yet to be made, but may be done so pretty soon.  I’ll dispel any rumors and clue you in that I will continue my job at the circus with Jasper my pet monkey.  Myself and the bearded lady plan on raising our own tent as it seems our traveling circus may not have a place to travel to once we pass the over the niger river.