spoken very fast, in obvious foreign accent, sounds asian
yes my name is afwifowaifja239ga and i am doing a survey for network information weekly
i need to verify some info fwfwojwf
do you still do hardware
do you still do software
do yowwj still …
(he kept talking faster and faster to the point i couldnt even understand him. i just kept saying yes, thats correct, etc..)

this goes for like 5 minutes question after question yes after yes. finally at the end he says
thanks for your time. you have been very nice and kind and you have a beautiful voice
i said yes, bye


ok go to tools and look for email accounts or accounts
ok i went to tools but there’s no accounts
ok did you click on tools?
ok, try closing out of it and go back in
ok do i do that by going to start
no, you can close by going to file and exit
ok i went to file but there’s no exit
ok, how about click the x in the top right
oh ok, yea
i clicked on tools but it dont have accounts
what do you have?
it just says forward
no, thats not the right tools. close out of your message and go back to your inbox
how do i close?
click on the top right x
now click on tools and find accounts
ok, but it’s still no accounts there.
ok what do you have?
just forward
ok just close all this and we’ll use webmail
do i click on tools or that little box?
ok tools
not the box?
oh well let me click on tools then
yea you do that

oh i give up
yea i give up i was going to write ths entire conversation but its way tooo much
oh my god
ok i told her we needed to hang up and try it again and she said hang up what?
hang up the phone
hang who up?
hang me up
wait wait wait dont hang up yet.
when we hang up then you tell it to connect
ok so i tell this yes to connect then we hang up?
no, we hang up first then you tell it to connect
ok do this now
10 seconds later phone rings i just know its her
hello how can i help you?
oh, who is this
it’s me again
oh, did you dial the service?
what do you mean?
did you tell it to connect?
i’m not sure
did you want to just bring the computer in?
yes maybe i should just do that. i’ll get my husband to help unhook it
ok, that would be better
ok, talk to you later
ok bye bye

3 minutes later
yes, i tried to unplug it but couldnt
mmm ok
ok we’ll send someone out there