happy birthday

to me
july 5, the big 29
thanks goes out to
mom for singing happy birthday into my cell phone. dad, and john who came to visit. grandma for calling. yesterday, thinking my birthday was yesterday. but it still counts. lisa for making supper and the drawing. I got a card from my dad, and i think that was the only physical card. Jonathan, John.. lots of people/places sent emails or notes online though:
flicker birthday group
Ana Crisen
Ralphie Frank
happy_b_day_flickreenies! on picture of me
other random places i got emails from:
pepsi, movie-list, djchat, guild wars guru, webshots, palbyte, and electronic arts (who used to send physical cards btw when they were still decent).

On a side note *the* Gaile Gray herself, thats the Community Relations Manager for Guild Wars sent me a letter herself in reply to something I threw up on their site just basically thanking guild wars for a good game. i’ve definately gotten my $100 worth out of that game and way more so i sent a thank you note. She replied:

Thanks for the note, Phil! I will share it with the team. I know they
appreciate reading such friendly feedback on the game.

Best regards,

Gaile Gray
Community Relations Manager

Gaile is like… like… uh .. the Condeleza Rice of Guild Wars. When mrs rice speaks, the terrorists duck and cover. When she says something that’s the word and when you hear news from her it’s dead on straight from the top. I mean Gale’s like the Kernel of KFC, like the Gecko of Geico, like Paula Werne of HolidayWorld. (Paula, the Public Relations person of Holiday World recently emailed me after she recieved news that I may not be coming to their amusement park due to various circumstances: “Um…just come, okay? Thanks, Paula”)

Anyway, thanks all for the birthday wishes. Hope I didnt forget anyone!!!
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