Wednesay, October 30, 2002

what is your
costume?  some guy said Jesus

used shrooms
.  who doesn’t

believe in ufo’s?
    how much sense does it take to put
do not eat labels
on candy for kids?    I’d want her taken away too if i
saw her
.  the guy that killed 3 people recently at the college of nursing
wrote a pretty
weird document
before hand.

which one am I?
If you never saw the
old visual thesaurus
, be sure to check out the
new one too

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I can get picky
about certain things.  I can get angered, threatened, and vigilant about
things too.  And after all, isn’t that why i have this little soap box
here?  I’ve ranted in the past, and I’m going to rant now.  because
I’ve read
that pisses me off.  you may not want to read this.  it
probably wont interest you.  so check back another time.  or if I’m
feeling up to it, later in today’s post.  but some of you like to read my
rants just cuz you think they’re funny.  well, come on, this isn’t a college
thesis.  I’m here to entertain.  but i’m a protest of 1.  I’m an
army of 1.  i’m a master of my domain.  but i’m hoping my rant will be
seen by someone that it will interest.
Nancy Carter cyberia lawyer Canada RFC bounced
message e-mail dispute

the gist of it is that Nancy Carter, a lady who doesn’t even
know what a
bounced message or RFC
is, has decided to take it upon herself to force
isp’s to change the way they manage e-mail. there are so many things wrong with
this woman’s arguments i’ll have to take them a sentence at a time.
could this be the first instance of
her complaints?
  college essay writer I’m not.  of course, it’s
easy to say isp’s have to change they way they handle email.  smart people
realize isp’s don’t handle e-mail in regards to the way she’s talking.
that’s the job of the mail server.  she needs to take her frivolous lawsuit
to the hundreds of companies that write mail server software.  there is no
person sitting at some terminal at each isp that looks to be sure your account
is up to date and that your mail is properly handled.  there is no person
that goes in and deletes your email when you cancel your account.  there is
no person who closes your email when you dont pay your bill.  it’s all done
in software.  automagically.  dumb asses like nancy carter should
realize that #1 you pay your bill.  #2 if you find an error in your bill in
your favor, you are not free from the charges.  #3 if you dont pay your
bill your service will be cut off.  what do you think will happen when your
service is cut off?  you cant use the service!!  what happens when you
dont pay the phone bill?  they cut off your phone.  what happens when
they cut off your phone? You DONT RECEIVE PHONE CALLS.  does the phone
company take a message for you? no.  does the phone company forward the
call to your new number? no.  if you don’t receive a phone call because you
haven’t paid your bill  and the phone call was to tell you that you won the
lottery, would you sue the phone company for loss of income?  why anyone
would expect email to work any different is beyond me.

I’ll give Nancy this. should have bounced
messages back to the sender if the account was closed.  whether it was
because of non payment or cancellation doesn’t matter.  as far as the mail
server is concerned, it is closed.  i don’t know why they would have kept
the email account open, unless it was by mistake.  should they of held
messages because she didn’t pay?  probably.  what’s an analogy?
I’ve ordered 10 pumperknickels 1 to be delivered to me each day for the next 10
days.  they accidentally send me 10 a day instead of 1, still charging for
1 only. the next to the last day, i say, well damn, i’ve got all these
pumperknickels, what am i going to do?  I know, i’ll sell them all for a
huge profit, i’ll get my next 10 tomorrow and i can sell them to my original
buyers.  next day, vendor realizes this, doesn’t send you the last 10, and
charges you for the 90 you’ve got, or demand return of the extra 90 you’ve got.
you dont have the 90 anymore.  you dont even have 10 to sell to your
original buyers.  so you tell vendor screw you, i’m not paying but half of
what i owe, and i demand the other 10 right now.  what the hell kind of
sense does that make?

I honestly try to be a fair person.  I try not to take
advantage of the system.  Not to bully anyone.  I like to look out for
the underdog.  just cuz.  in my little click of friends, we are all
underdogs.  a bunch of losers with parent who aren’t rich, who’s idea of
fun isn’t dressing in ambercombie and going to the soccer game and who doesn’t
get things done by bribing others with monetary donations or by technicality
lawsuits.  common sense, honor, and the want to just do the right thing
should always prevail, damnit.  Nancy Carter talks of the lawsuit against
her from as exceeding and unnecessary; while she’s suing them for
$110,000 because she didn’t pay her bill and her emails are blocked?

I know you want to e-mail her and let her know what you think.  i’m so
kind.  I found 2 other than her old address,
and nancar@SYMPATICO.CA

For the other readers who were expecting something funny, check this link
of a flying

I know you want to
email me too and sue me for
defamation and all sorts of crap. i’m lonely, i’ll welcome your emails.
even if they do bounce

Monday, October 28, 2002

i’m just a small
part of your plan, i can see it.   I believe in contradictions.
the notes sing such melodies, only no one’s here to harmonize.  i’ve
redecorated my room to create a one second delay reverb so i can now truly talk
to myself.  i call my cat more ‘pet’ names than my last girlfriend.
maybe i’m looking at life in the wrong way. maybe i’m making it more complicated
than it is.  i mean, if a bunch of sims
can get together in the game of life and have a good job, create relationships
and the like by the direction of a few keystrokes, why isn’t life really that
simple?  can you really calculate and compute an algorithm for your life?
is it all a matter of time management?  invite a friend over every few
days.  entertain them.  get a tv and a big couch so you can all sit
and watch and talk.  be sure to eat in the morn and at night, be sure you
use the potty before your friends show up and you go all over the floor.
be sure you have enough energy to last you throughout the day, or you’ll fall
over from exhaustion.  pay your bills or you’ll be booted out.
but isn’t that all there really is to it?  who said it had to be so
complicated?  i now analyze in real life if it’s more time efficient for me
to go to the bathroom or to sleep now and go in the morning.    I
wonder if it’s more time efficient to wash my hands and to go have a quick
breakfast as opposed to not washing hands and having a big breakfast.  When
i’m with friends, i constantly search for a method to increase our fun meter.
i rearranged one of the first sentences i wrote above to apply more thought to
another.  i’m listening to yokko kanno.  i dont know if i spelled that
correctly.  i have to get up in about 7.5 hours.  i think i’ll take
some drugs (nyquil) tonight to help me sleep.  i usually only take drugs on
the night of a big trip, so i’ll be rested.  or when i’m just not sleeping
good recently for some reason.  maybe it’s stress.  i feared for my
life in my dream last night.  i hid around he other side of a car while i
lured the machine to the one parked next to it under water.  it got stuck,
assumed it was on me and exploded it’s thousands of pins and needles everywhere.
luckily, i swam away.  thanks to the man who yielded to me today.  it
was not necessary.  i felt bad afterwards.  i just noticed on #14
about about 2:30 or so, the release on the piano is cut short, you don’t hear
the full natural decay. being a little involved in music really forces changes
onto how you listen to music.  i notice the smallest thing.  but
everyone says i’m picky about everything anyway.  which i’ll agree to.
i didn’t go to the state fair this year.  i didn’t go last year.  i
have no ambition to go, too many people.  i can stand in my closet and let
everything topple down on top of me and be more comfortable than if i was in the
middle of that fair.  the rides scare me.  that is, the safety of the
rides scare me.  ahh well, enough randomness tonight.  my arm hurts.
it’s your fault.  night

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Back in
August of this year, i wrote about a
operation by the FBI called Operation Candyman.  It was to catch and
prosecute child porn collectors, distributors, and contributors.  you may
view what

i wrote here.
  courtesy of google
of course.  Today, I received a greatly appreciated e-mail from
Wired contributing editor
Steve Silberman regarding that
entry i made.  Steve informed me of an
he has written for Wired following the catching, investigation and
prosecuting in this operation, especially against a particular individual by the
name of

Adam Vaughn
.  If someone came up to me and asked if i had signed up for
a particular web site, i would have to say i have no idea.  every site i go
to (at least that interests me) i sign up for.  just so i can be sure i get
my preferred username before someone else does 😉  of course, that would be
radial or radialmonster.  so if you see a radial or radialmonster on a site
you’re visiting, say hi, its probably me.  But what is really scary about
the comments in the article is how they can prosecute you for what’s in your
browser cache, and even for things you’ve deleted!  do YOU know what’s in
your browser cache?  i can do a simple image search on google and get
things i’d rather not see, and since visiting i’m pretty much
desensitized now to about everything.  i manage the spam at my work place,
i at least skim through about 5000 messages a day.  and you would be amazed
at the nastiness of some of the emails i’ve seen.  but to me now, it’s just
another email. just another junk mail.  i dont get offended one bit.
i laugh. but, if a spammer sends you an email and it is only an inline gif ( i
want you to know i typed fig 3 times before i ever got gif out) that
automagically pops up, you’re liable to end up 5 years in a federal prison.
i think i’d opt for the psych ward though if they’d let me.  but honestly,
if this guy was pulling up images, saving them to his hard drive, he had an
interest.  you can’t accidentally right click an image, choose save target
as and create a directory for them.  why would you even bother creating a
directory called too young if you know you shouldn’t be looking at them?
come on, that’s like someone getting accidentally run over by a train.  you
dont accidentally end up in front of a few thousand tons of metal lunging
towards you what with the roaring metal sounds and the for sure honking of the
horn.  i will be the first to admit i have some naked ladies on my
computer.  i’ve replied to those spams that say “is there pornography on
your computer?  run this program to find out and eradicate porn!”  i
replied to them and said there better be some porn on my computer, if there’s
not someone’s deleted it!!  they never responded.  but , i have never
done a background check on each picture i have to be sure it’s not someone under
18.  i go by what i’m told.  come on, i cant even watch a baby diaper
commercial on tv without getting disgusted, why would i want to get off on it?
and get real, i know of NO guy who doesn’t look at naked ladies.

tonight i walked up to a stranger and told her i liked her song.  i went to
Mars tonight for the open mic night for
songwriters.  if i knew it was songwriters, i might have seriously entered.
it wasn’t for if you could play good, it was for the song itself.  anyway,
this great young lady got up and sang and played guitar and her song was just
great.  i told her i liked it, she smiled shyfully, giggled and said “thank
you”.  she now has a fan. maybe i’m #1.  i then went to chik-fil-a and
got supper.  i said to a complete stranger in the bathroom ‘good luck’ as
he read a love letter.  he said ‘oh, this is just petty stuff’ and laughed.
i then dropped a dime while paying.  i said to the complete stranger next
to me, is it bad luck to pick up the dime on tails if it’s my dime?  then i
left him with a nice contemplating thought, and is a black cat bad luck if it’s
yours?  he just looked at me and said i dunno, and i laughed and walked

I’m very curious as to where some of my visitors come from.
and for the life of me, i have NO IDEA how my site got listed here: