Thursday, January 31, 2002

Ok, my goal in
life has been achieved.  (well, one of them anyway) something that i’ve
worked so hard for has finally happened, and i’m just ecstatic over it!
the wonderful stile actually read an
e-mail i sent him and he found it so amusing he
posted it on his new site!
AHAAHAHAHA it’s so freaking funny.  It all started when a few days ago i
got one of the freakiest e-mails i’ve ever recieved.
 check out the link
to read the e-mail.  When i read it, i knew it was right down stile’s alley
and immediately forwared it off to him.  it’s cool that i know stile
actually read an e-mail and that he actually took the time to go through it and
post it on his cool site! anyway… check it out, even some people are
commenting on it and it’s currently ranked the #1 article in the funny shit
category!  i only wish he would have linked my site! argh.. oh well at
least my e-mail is on it

Saturday, January 19, 2002

Just a reminder
that there is this really great singer and dj’er that’s going to be tonight at
Philly Bistro in Wake Forest, NC.  I happen to know them both personally,
oh wait… its Mercy and I!  how bout that.  i hate rain, i hope it
stops before tonight so my equipment (and us) doesn’t get wet.  anyway,
come.  7pm is when we start, till about 10:00pm

Sunday, January 13, 2002

News is that I
decided tonight to do something i could do in about an hour.  I have a
small lyric in my head i want to put to a song, but I didn’t think i could write
the full song.  I thought of making a map for UT, but decided i couldn’t do
that in an hour.  I thought of making a song and decided against that too.
so i thought i would write on this web site and explain why I couldn’t do what i
wanted to do in an hour for an hour, but then i realized the irony is that i
would have wasted an hour writing about how i couldn’t do something in an hour
which i would have ended up doing something anyway either way.  sure.
so I wrote a song.  get it under the music link.  jazzy style,
and very short and simple, but its pretty neat I think.  I worked all
weekend recording Mercy’s show from last Saturday into my computer and making
CD’s.  I’m trying to figure out a way to record in real time on site and
burn the cd’s there and sell them.  wouldn’t that be neat?  and I
found a bunch of other karaoke equipment that i may be interested in to fill the
gaps between shows and offer a mobile karaoke service.  i think it would be
neato.  i love music and it’s what i want to end up doing anyway so i need
to do something useful in my life.  aww. i had a new addition to my
loneliness page tonight, but i forgot it.  however, it assumes a new one
anyway, and that is that you have a loneliness page in the first place.

Thursday, January 9, 2002

of course, our show
was a success Saturday night.  and since so many of you came and wanted to
see more, our next show is the 19th of january, saturday night same time same
place.  no new news worthy of sharing right now.  i received my new
sound card this week and my next project is to record our shows that we’ve done.
we want some cd’s to give out to some places so maybe they’d hire us.  this
audigy is really great, no noise, i
got the external drive for it so it sits right next to my mixer board so i can
really plug and play.  however, the digital in doesnt hook to my digital
out on my mixer or recorder, so i can’t transfer songs digitally, but it’s still
reallll clean songs. ohh yea

Friday, January 4, 2002

so i’m snowed in a
foot of snow here.  i went to my dads and helped shovel out the driveway so
someone could drive out.  tomorrow we will work on my driveway.  i
have no where i have to go, cept just one minor detail.  mercy and i have a
gig tomorrow night.  all the equipment is in my house.  i’m not sure
how we’re going to do this but we will give it a go and attempt to load up the
vehicle with speakers and equipment and amps and the like.  the show must
go on, right?  and we need to do it so people will have something to do on
a cold saturday night.  hey, what are you doing on a cold saturday night?
nothing, i knew it.  you are all losers like me.  so come to philly
bistro in wake forest and watch me and mercy, show starts at 7pm January 5th.