alexandra williams another scam in progress 2

Chat today from Alexandra – note that it was like 2pm.  If she is in Miami as she says it certainly isn’t evening for her.  His local time would have been around 10pm

Alex Williams: helo
radialmonster: good evening

Alex Williams: how are you doing
radialmonster: good.  working here you
Alex Williams: well am abt to leave
Alex Williams: so i decide to come see ya online
Alex Williams: before i leve
radialmonster: where are you going?
Alex Williams: i told you yesterday
Alex Williams: westafrica
radialmonster: oh you mean there.  you’re leaving so soon?
Alex Williams: oh yeah
radialmonster: did you get a work visa or do you have some other arrangements?
Alex Williams: other arrangement
radialmonster: why so secretive?
Alex Williams: nope
Alex Williams: is just that is on contract basic
Alex Williams: thats is why
radialmonster: i see.  maybe you can visit home too while you’re so cloes  (**Her ‘home’ is in China)
Alex Williams: we sign an agreement that we gonna be responsible for the whole thing
radialmonster: close
Alex Williams: oh yeah
Alex Williams: maybe i can vist you
Alex Williams: how would that be
Alex Williams: ??
radialmonster: well i dont live in west africa
radialmonster: i have a friend that lives near there
Alex Williams: oh ic
Alex Williams: so where it is
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: he lives in Ubuntu, so that’s pretty close  (**To get the joke read this other post) (** i haven’t written the other post yet!  check back later)
Alex Williams: oh ic
radialmonster: would you go see him for me?
Alex Williams: well i have to leave shortly
Alex Williams: ok
radialmonster: ok have a safe trip then
Alex Williams: ok 
Alex Williams: then
Alex Williams: later
radialmonster: bye
Alex Williams has signed out. (2/29/2008 4:02 PM)

another scam in progress

This person found me on friendster and started emailing and chatting. I’ve already traced the IP address to Nigeria.  So far the story is she is originally from china, but now lives in miami.  She’s instantly in love with me and wants to form a long lasting relationship. aha.  the intent is to string along the scammer to waste their time.  hopefully get some lulz out of it too.  here’s some text from today:

Alex Williams: hello
radialmonster: hi
Alex Williams: how are you doing
Alex Williams: ?
Alex Williams: you busy
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: i’m at work.  how are you
Alex Williams: am fine
Alex Williams: how is it going with you
Alex Williams: i realy miss chatin with ya online thoug
radialmonster: i’m great.  aww sorry to hear that
Alex Williams: ?
Alex Williams: well i have a news for you thoug
Alex Williams: can you guess
radialmonster: hm i’m not really sure
radialmonster: you’re going to the circus?
Alex Williams: ??
Alex Williams: hmmm
Alex Williams: well i was awarded a contract
Alex Williams: which i need to travel
Alex Williams: overseas
radialmonster: well thats good if thats what you want to do
Alex Williams: you sound not happy
radialmonster: why do you say that?
radialmonster: just because you were awarded a contract doesnt mean you actually want to do it
Alex Williams: well it on a individual company
Alex Williams: and you know i have to wrok to make more
radialmonster: money doesn’t give happiness
Alex Williams: how
Alex Williams: ??
Alex Williams: so you mean i should n
radialmonster: it does not.  being more wealthy can’t make someone more happy. there’s a point where once you reach a certian amount of money, more money doesnt matter
Alex Williams: not go right
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: i didnt say not go. i said do what you feel will be best for you
Alex Williams: hmm oh ic
Alex Williams: so babe hope you gonna keep in touch
radialmonster: what do you mean
Alex Williams: as in email me and stuff
Alex Williams: cause i will be goin with laptop
radialmonster: oh so you’ve decided already?
Alex Williams: yes
radialmonster: well congratulations.  where are you going
Alex Williams: westafrica
Alex Williams: ever been there
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: i have a friend that has been there
Alex Williams: oh really
radialmonster: my mom has been there also
Alex Williams: oh that is fine
Alex Williams: to do what
radialmonster: missionary work with chruch
Alex Williams: oh ic
Alex Williams: thats cool
Alex Williams: so wat time did you get off work
Alex Williams: ?]
radialmonster: in about 30 minutes i hope
radialmonster: but i may have to work over at my second job
Alex Williams: oh wat ur second job
Alex Williams: ??
radialmonster: same thing as my day job just on my own
Alex Williams: oh that cool
Alex Williams: so you miss me at all
Alex Williams: ??
radialmonster: you havent even left yet!
Alex Williams: hmmm
Alex Williams: hmmmm
Alex Williams: that does not matter thoug
radialmonster: when do you leave
Alex Williams: on friday night
Alex Williams: i will let you know thoug
radialmonster: wow so early
radialmonster: you already have your belongings ready to go?
Alex Williams: i will get that aranged today thoug
radialmonster: i see
radialmonster: well good luck
Alex Williams: hope yoi  gonna keep in touch
radialmonster: be safe
radialmonster: about to leave work.  later
Alex Williams: ok babe
Alex Williams: email me later k
Alex Williams: ??
radialmonster: ifi dont have to work, i’ll see
Alex Williams: ok babe
Alex Williams: you takecare and keep in touch
Alex Williams: k


“pamela” has been im’ing me for a few days now.  Just says Hi, are you there sort of thing.  I have no idea who this is so I reply back with “who are you”.  I never get a response.  Just the next day I get another “are you there”.  Today ‘pamela’ caught me online and i decided to play along:

pamela.cambell: BUZZ!!!
pamela.cambell: “Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever and you’ll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you.”

pamela.cambell: u there hunnie
radialmonster: hi
pamela.cambell: hi too ive been longin to talk with u huneio
pamela.cambell: u were always on mobile hunie
radialmonster: yes.  but you have still not answered my question
pamela.cambell: wat question hunnie
radialmonster: do i know you?
pamela.cambell: u tell me
pamela.cambell: hawz that
radialmonster: that it is
pamela.cambell: “I just close my eyes because I might see your face. I just close my mouth because I might hear your voice. I just close my ears because I might hear of you, but I could not close my heart because I love you.”

pamela.cambell: “The more I know you, the more I love you.”


**At this point I see the stupid quotes thing going on, the buzzing’s bothering me, and I decide to quote some stuff too.  I fire back with some random Jack Handy quotes:

radialmonster: “Why do people in ship mutinies always ask for “better treatment”? I’d ask for a pinball machine, because with all that rocking back and forth you’d probably be able to get a lot of free games.”
pamela.cambell: wat u talkin about hunnie
radialmonster: i’m just saying
radialmonster: “The difference between a man and a boy is, a boy wants to grow up to be a fireman, but a man wants to grow up to be a giant monster fireman.”

** About an hour passes so I give it one last shot:

radialmonster: i miss you

so ya

I was going to get on here and write something profane like things about my life and thoughts recently, life, work, love, lack of life, work and love, and maybe i’ll write a book or something and how last night i was feeling down and i get on and play my recommended tracks and it picks whitney houston and soulified stevie wonder and i just stop it and laugh.  Tomorrow night I’ll go out to a local hang out i’ve been frequenting.  hmm which reminds me i need to charge my camera tonight and dump the flash drive to prepare.  But my camera’s been screwing up recently and the top buttons are wearing out or something.  I found the new camera i want, but its like 350 and not available until april i think.  and so i’m transferring the pictures now but i actually have no idea what pics these are.  will see in a minute when they’re done.  i have 2 more cards to check too.  and by the time you read this i’ll have finished transferring the pics and this whole section will already be obsolete.  but you wont even get to see the pics yet because i need to import them in to my ‘process’ and tag, label rename and upload them which won’t happen tonight because it’s so late it’s after 12:30am and i’m so tired i’m not even going to write anything.