It’s been 438 days since I’ve seen my wife.  Today she will be coming home to me, with her son Dion.  It’s been a long journey, frustrating paperwork and a lot of waiting.  That’s the hardest part, waiting.  The paperwork wasn’t difficult.  We did it ourselves, we did not use a lawyer.  We just did some reading and followed the instructions and it all turned out ok eventually.  Her plane arrives at 4:00 pm today from Northwest Airlines. I’ll schedule this post to publish when she should be arriving.

I’m not sure I remember her much anymore.  When we were together before, the time seemed to pass so quickly.  I enjoyed the vast majority of our togetherness.  We took lots of pictures and videos because we knew we would be apart for a long time.  I have hardly watched any of the videos.  The ones I have watched I muted the sound.  I’m not sure I remember how great we interacted, how right it all felt.  I have done this on purpose.

Because when she arrives today I hope to see her smile, feel her touch, get to know my girl, and fall in love all over again.

This post is my warning to my girl and myself.  That in the years to come, I’m sure we will have our arguments and fights, and I’ll be a disappointing dad and husband and all sorts of things.  But just remember that I chose you as my girl, and there’s nothing more I’d like than to try our luck at lifelong relationship of happiness.