Thursday, May 30, 2002

argh, i just loaded
this now i need to restart.  hmm maybe not.  hmm maybe so.  hmmm
the humpty dance.  i might play that at my dj gig saturday night.
doesnt anyone want to come and sit with me for like 5 hours? ahh well. maybe
it’ll be interesting.  making a cake as fast as i can.  baby baby bake
me a cake fill it with as much love
as you please. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

so ok lets try that

9:53 pm – so here goes again.  cept i lost my
train of thought.
how many things can i not consider once its set in motion?  why did

i have to wonder
if it would be or not to be.  but its better to find
out and be disappointed than to wonder and not know
the truth.  where will the
music take me tonight?  i
didn’t use a map
the last trip i made.  i dont remember the last trip i made.  i got my
cd burning computer working again today.  now i need to network it to this
computer so i dont have to
keep switching hard drives.  but that is still faster.  someone
beat me to it  gesh, i’m so
tired i might go to bed now.  night @10:30 pm

Monday, May 27, 2002

so i went to kerr lake
today.  whipped it around on the inner tube behind
steve’s jet ski.  i
took a hike by my lonesome self down
a nature trail.
almost 2 miles!   I wanted to take some pictures and that i did.
kerr lake dam.  I
saw some very pretty
scenes.  i have many pictures.  i even met a couple of
fellow hikers. 
yes, i did get lost.  i crossed a bridge.  and went up beside a stream
for a bit.  and i thought i was going to the exit.  but i eventually
found my way back coming up broadside to said bridge.  i was disappointed
that i let that happen, and i was tired too.  but i found my way and onward
i went.    man i want to put all my pictures online.  i want
to be an artist.  i want to have a different picture every day of my art
work.  i like my new camera.  it’s so cool to be able to go take a
bunch of pictures and then put them directly here.  of course, i’ve been
editing them to make them smaller so they can download quicker.  you should
see the originals.  especially of my trip today, i used the highest
quality.  i want my own dedicated web server with unlimited space and
bandwidth.  not many people come here anyway.  so it wouldn’t be that
much bandwidth.  let me know how
you like my pictures here.  yes, i know i haven’t updated my web cam in
forever.  it can’t make me look any better than i already suck, so why

Sunday, May 26, 2002

cute teenage American
girls dressed as even younger Japanese anime characters must make Japanese
natives laugh i think.  but it wont stop me from going to a great con.
spent all day there yesterday, and even some of today, dont ask why.  a new
favorite artist of mine is Ayumi
my new camera worked out nice.  didn’t take so many
pictures though, but i got some good ones.  i’ll organize a way to view my
pictures later, but for now, i will put them under the con reports section.
not much to report on, just that i went.  this wasn’t a big trip.
just a short drive from my house so no real adventure except for finding a place
to eat.  for the pictures i missed check out this link to a great site: