I have failed in my duties.  like 20 days, almost.  sorry.  work has overcome me.  i’m so tired when i get home i dont want to do much of anything.  I even take naps sometimes when i get home and dont wake up till 10:00 then i eat supper.  in the past few weeks, i’ve dj’d another show, i’ve feared for my life in a storm, i’ve worked on a crane, i’ve made reservations for this weekend.  i contemplated buying an xbox.  because i wanted to play shenmue 2.  but then i figured i’d better finish shenmue 1 first.  so i’ve played that quite a bit.  i’ve gotten addicted to www.hotornot.com i’ll waste all hours of the night on that thing.  then i chat with whoever online for hours, and i eat dessert later and ahhh.  and i make excuses as to why i haven’t written here.  but i made up for it, i even put up a new web cam pic.   i think i’ve even written a new poem, but i haven’t posted it here yet.  so yea, i’m taking one of my annual trips to busch gardens this weekend.  a great 3 day vacation is ahead of me.  but, now i’ve gotten chatting again online, and although i was going to rant and all that, it’s already 12:40 am here.  it took me over an hour to write this one paragraph.  that’s the story of my life

What’s interesting to me tonight is the investigation of over 7,000 people in Britain for child pornography.  Call me stupid, or naive, but I didn’t know that many people lived in Britian.  Ok, not so much, but i know it’s small. And 7,000 people for such a small place really seems like a whole lot of people, so anyway damn!  what’s wrong with you people?  Apparently, the FBI setup an undercover operation.  You know what that means, they took pics of naked kids and offered them up for download.  not really, but it’s a ironic thought.  anyway, they did create a Yahoo group.  of course, said group does not exist anymore.  also, this supposed url to a new york news article of a police officer busted in this investigation does not exist anymore. a search on the web site shows nothing under ‘candyman’.  anyway, this was called Operation Candyman.  They traded ftp sites and the like of places that carried kiddie porn.   a search on all newsgroups found this particularly interesting thread including some news of this item, some of the accused, and some other political revelations.  however, the number of people included in the investigation is contradicting across news stories.  In the first article i linked, it says 7,000 people in Britain.  In this one, it says 7,000 total worldwide and about 2,500 in Britain.  In the official FBI release,  it says 7,000 people worldwide, and 2,400 in other countries outside US. That doesn’t add up either, since they conducted the investigation worldwide.  Interesting at how some of these people who have been under investigation are so ashamed, more than a handful have committed suicide.  One even committed suicide before his trial came to be.  Turned out, government agencies were not able to hack the passwords he had hiding his porn collection, hence no evidence, hence he could not be convicted.  The guy would of gotten off free, but he killed himself before hand.  So what’s my point?  Well, one, why the discrepancy in numbers between the articles?  And, do i really need to say it?  Dare I even contemplate it?  Ok, if you haven’t already, i’ll do it for you.  They have all this power and lure to capture these kiddie porners.  They create fake messaging groups, fake web sites, charge people for access and capture and investigate credit cards.  They are in cahoots with the ISP’s to provide information about these people.  This investigation has been ongoing since 2000.  And here, it comes.  Yes, i dare say it.  i might as well.    But they can’t do a search on some terrorists who internationally plan and attack their targets?  Ok, i’ll leave it at that.

Maaya Sakamoto’s newest works are reminiscent to me of some Tori Amos.  Especially Here, and Daniel does too a bit.  ah hell, all 4 samples you can get from the site sound like Tori. But, don’t compare.  I’m not comparing.  I should say remind.  They are very different individual artists.  And yes, Here, Daniel and Toto are in English in case you’re scared.   you can hear some samples from her official site.

Some lady had her credit card stolen.  The thief used the card to place bets on a horse race.  He won, money was deposited directly into her credit card account.  Thief is arrested, she keeps money!  I wouldn’t complain either. 

The memory hole.  I found this one particulary interesting.  Some guy found caribou calfs in a place where oil drilling was going to take place.  he placed a map of it on a web site.  he got fired.  map now deleted.

Extreme ironing!! My God, i have never read such an article before in my life that clearly is the true establishment of redneck, mental anguish and pain and just simply damn bizarre.  Is it bad I can relate to some points in it?  I especially don’t see what’s wrong with aliens walking around the dead man’s body while he laid in bed for a month.

Have some fun    Gesh what an intro!

I was told not to link here.

Have some fun Gesh what an intro!

I was told not to link here.

i feel like writing, but don’t feel like linking.  deal with it.  hear my rants.  contemplate my thoughts.  I’ve been listening to more Maaya Sakamoto recently.  nice stuff, even the Japanese songs.  I just bought a new 120gb hard drive.  i replaced my 60gb here in this computer.  i’m moving the 60 to another computer.  haven’t done that part yet.  but i moved my sound card from this computer to my old computer.  and I’ve recorded a demo song tonight (not me) and it worked perfectly.  so now i can use my audigy to record.  yay.  i know that made no sense to you.  you don’t care.  you don’t even know how to turn your computer off.  somehow it came on, and it’s been on ever since.  i know.  www.hotornot.com ok, so i made one link.  deal with that.  i removed 2 months worth of news from the front page toinght.  dammit ive typed 5 2word s and ave made 503032 mistakes so i’m not using the pbackspae  ce key anyjmore tongth.  dammit. i must be tiredddddd.ahh well. i had ice cream already.    this hemisphere is not really round.  more like a half radius.  is half the distance from the center around to the radius cut in half if you half the size of the circle?  but how can you half something that only has 1 side?  so i’m not here.  this time is my life.  you can’t determine what you said to me tonight.  i cant even determine what i’m writing.  i can now say i’ve played a bass guitar.  no biggie.  i want a set of drums.  even just to see if i’d like it.  ha, i cant even play the instruments i have and i want more?  maybe drums are my calling.  maybe my calling is just to record and mix and provide sound rather than to make the notes.  or maybe it’s to be a nobody that people go to the webpage of just to cheer them up because the person writing is so lame.  so where do i go to get cheered up?  i go to google.com and search for a random phrase and select images and see what pops up.  i go to www.kuro5hin.org and see how many people have clicked on my ad there.    this isnt as political as i thought it would have turned out to be.  sorry, not in the mood maybe.  i’ll stop while i’m behind.   write me!!  radial@mindspring.com or contact me on yahoo messenger my screen name is radialmonster.  also visit radialmonster.isfunky.net  and enjoy!