i’m tired of answering questions, so refer all your questions to right here.  all further questions are null and void.  I was driving home from work Friday night, pulled off the exit ramp and continued on my way when some guy pulled out in front of me from the other ramp and i slammed right into him.  My carHis truck  i dont know the cost.  i dont know where i’ll take it.  i havent taken it anywhere.  i can drive it.  he cant drive his.  i dont know the guy.  you dont know the guy.  no one was hurt. 

there’s a new work on this site.  can you find it?

just a basic plug for our new genius video!   Cast includes pretzelboy, berb, sue and myself.  A day adventure at our local putt putt!

i wanted everyone to be sure they saw the video for download.  yea thats my excuse.  stay tuned for more!  Special thanks to Marshall and Marsha for the complete surprise visit the other week.  I was sitting there during our show at Front Row, I look up and i saw Marshall and Marsha just entering the door.  And i kinda thought, oh, marshall’s here.  then i thought, wait a minute, marshalls here?  what the hell?  For those of you who dont know, Marshall is my good friend ex coworker who now lives in Boone, NC.  Mind you Boone is about what 4, 5 hours or so from here?  and here he comes waltzing in the other night out of the blue.  pretty sweet.  So, Marshall and Marsha talked me into ‘doing lunch’ saturday, hence that we did and it was good to hang out again and meet Marsha and associated friends.  This past weekened, easter weekend, i played more FFX on Friday, my friend Scott came over Friday night, took him home at noon and went immediately to pretzel boys house for a day long adventure with pretzelboy, berb and sue.  Mall, putt putt, supper at Warehouse and back to the crib for a movie.  Sunday, i took the chance to work in my yard, mow grass that sort of stuff since it was a nice day.    ended up not doing any sound work this weekend.  sorry not in a creative mood now

So John has just brought a nice new home.  Problem is he had to go away for a while and has asked my good friend pretzelboy to house sit for him.  Hence out of our creative genius minds has arisen this video of what happened one day while pretzelboy was babysitting.  Cast, in order of appearance is pretzelboy, radial (myself), and berb, (pretzelboys wife).  please let me know what you think, if you’d like to see more of these or whatever!  Taking Care Of John’s House!  You need Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 to view this file!

hi.  haven’t been around lately.  Schedule been busy.  The war is depressing.  So i dont want to spend time putting things here about it.  would of been cool.  but there’s plenty of places that do that already.  Saddam is alive still.  there.  that’s news.  thoughts were they got him a few nights ago with a bunch of other leaders.  but he’s alive.  so what have i been doing?  This past Saturday I DJ’d a wedding.  I spent all the past couple of weeks preparing for it.  i wanted to be sure i had everything i needed, especially a great cd collection.  thanks to Mark and Mark and Emily for helping me establish a small library of country music. Thanks to Kim for getting me the gig.  This coming Friday, April 11, Mercy and I have a show in Front Row in Wake Forest.  Come see us.  contact me if you need directions.  9pm april 11.  Then the next weekend i’m providing sound to my moms church for their Easter thing.  I saw Cirque Du Soleil which was perfect.  Best show i’ve ever seen.  You must get it on DVD sometime, or actually go see a live performance.  Spirited Away is released on DVD in English on April 15.  It’s now showing again in a few theaters in town.  Check it out if you get a chance.  I still haven’t completed my taxes this year.  I’m working on new web site.  i’m working on a replacement for this site.  Pretzelboy, berb and I made a short film this past weekend.  As soon as i can get it compressed to a small enough file it’ll be posted here for your pleasure.  I’m working on that now.