Tuesday, July 31, 2001

ok, yea i’ve
been slack on here this week.  song of the day is Janet Jackson – Better
Days cuz today will be the start of better days, er so I hope.  last night
and through till earlier this morning it was Cranberries – Empty. being
depressed and lonely sure does generate a lot of thoughts, but that’s good
because it helped to create some new poetry.  I’ve been writing just about
each night, and although my recent poems are depressing and hard to understand
if you don’t know my personal life, they are good works of art with their own
merit.   here is one very recent one that that actually turned out to
be very true, you figure out what it means –

 you can’t convince me

to despair myself

once tainted never again

stirred thoughts occupy my loneliness


Monday, July 23, 2001

added even
another song to my music section, this one is untitled #3.  maybe i should
start coming up with names for these songs so i don’t get them all mixed
up?  but, i need lyrics first i think…

Thursday – July 19, 2001

I bought
myself a present yesterday, I got a new microphone for vocal recording and such,
a Shure SM58.  Of course, I had to test it out and I posted those tests
under the music section of the site, check them out!  Sexorator and
Untitled song #2 are the new ones.  let
me know
what ya think

Monday, July 9, 2001

Well, from what
I can tell, my favorite band is kinda no more.  That is, 10,000
(and here’s the fan
) is thinking of dropping the name and going with another name.
Reasoning is the loss of the band member Robert
  who played guitar late last year.  I’ll quote from Steven
Gustafson, bass player for the band,:  “To some of us, a future as
10KM without Rob in the world just wouldn’t feel right.  Regardless of
what’s happened in the past, the past is not the answer here. IMHO, it’s time to
do the honorable thing. And that is to let Rob take the name with him.”