not really sure

not really sure

I’m at the health department today, I’m working on some lady’s computer and I’m waiting on something or another.   So, I start looking around the desk, the walls & what not.  See what people have.  On her desk is what looks like a food pyramid type sheet.  But, upon closer inspection, it’s an activity worksheet.  At the bottom of the pryamid, are the things you’re supposed to do a lot of.  Things like walk your dog, play in the snow, ride a bike etc.  And at the top of the pyramid, in the section where you’re not supposed to do hardly any of it, are play video games, use the internet, sit for more than 30 minutes etc.  I want to be that little worker, who hoisted up those huge rocks to the top, got to the top and enjoyed it so much he sat his ass down and watched the aliens wave goodbye.

I had to renew my drivers license last week.  Or maybe the week before.  Anyway, my birthday was the 5th so that week.  Now 30.  I keep all my important stuff in a box, and every once in a while if I get bored, or if I need something I’ll go through it all over again.  I seem to always find something new, even though it’s been too full to add anything for years.  This time though, I’m armed with a digital camera so I took a few pictures.  Here’s maybe the first picture of me in the newpaper.  This is me in 5th grade so maybe around 1987. You know it’s a small town when you get your picture in the paper because you ate some chinese food! 

Then here’s me again about 3 years later:

And finally me again another 3 years later securing my geekdom and single status for eternity:

Here’s some realllly old class pictures from 1982 and 1985.


Then I’m not sure how old I was here but pretty sure this is at the dentist:

There’s lots of gems in my little box.  Ok it’s not so little anymore.  But that box is about the only thing I’d care to save if something were to happen to my place.  Despite what insecure previous’s said about it being my computer.  There’s pieces of my life in there from about the entire span of me, birth certificate (which I’ll prob move to a more secure location), report cards, awards, papers I wrote, journals I kept, artwork, old left over prescription pills, high school and college diplomas’, my baby teeth are in there even.  A few things from previous’s, but mostly each gets her own separate little box.  I did find two little gems that gave me clues to some old friends I’ve been missing greatly, and I’ve already been able to locate one of them.  Now, why do you have to be all the way in Ohio? aha.  Anyway, point being it’s a ton of stuff I’d love to put up here and share.  I’ll do so when I can get around to it.  aha

Weekend ramblings

Weekend ramblings

I store all my pics on flickr, I get unlimited photos, unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited amount of audience.  My latest picture and view count is 13,990 photos / 50,880 views.  There’s a place for anything there, and only today did I realize there’s even a special place for “Dogs named Buddy“. 

There’s also a group for “Pets named after Famous People or Characters” to which I didn’t think I’d have anything to add, however I did just remember Tio.

Tio is a dog I had a few years ago, very sweet girl, and would play the funnest game of keep the ball away of any dog I’ve ever had. She is named after a character in the video game Grandia 2.  My dog Tio’s mother was named Elena.  I’m not going to give any of the game away but they were related somehow in the storyline of the game.

We would go outside, and I have this shed in the back yard.  I’d throw a tennis ball against the shed, wait for it to bouce back and then we’d race to see who could get the ball first.  Sometimes she would just catch it right in her mouth before it ever hit the ground.  Usually we’d have to fight over it, she’d run right under my legs to try and trip me up, or I’d push her over and make her roll across the yard so I’d have a chance.  But all in all, we’d both end up getting it an equal number of times and if she got it first she’d bring it to me and we’d have another go. 

Tio loved the neighbors and would stay at their house sometimes, and my house sometimes. It was a mutual understanding aha.  The neighbors girl worked at the local vet and took a great interest in Tio. 

Tio passed away by being hit by a car on the road.  The neighbors the Franklins said she was ran over on purpose, that she wasn’t in the road and the car veered off the side of the road to purposely hit her.  Mr Franklin waved the truck down which for some reason actually stopped.  (If they did it on purpose why stop?)  He gave them hell, and stalled them while Mrs Franklin called me and the sheriff.  I walked over there to see my Tio dead on the ground, with a bunch of people all around her.  Arguing about it being on purpose or not.  The sheriff even showed up, and a poilce report was filed.  You could clearly see tire tracks running off the road into the grass.  But the sheriff said nothing could be done, it was a civil matter.  The vet girl offered to take her to work and have her cremated.  She kept half of the ashes and I kept half.  I have a small black box on top of my bookcase with her remains.

So I’ve decided to create my own group on flickr, Me With A Pretty Girl.  I’m surprised no one has made such a group before, or at least I couldn’t find one.  I’ve invited tons of photo’s to it, can’t wait to see what happens.