recently instead of saying “she drove around the parking lot” i said “she scrolled around the parking lot” same thing

whats wrong?

Yea, my computer wont do nothing.
ok, it wont come on?
no it wont come on. but i got this wierd error message on the screen
it says there was an error in .. oo wait it just cut off again
ok turn it back on
the computer?
ok, but i need to wait 10 minutes before i can turn it on
why is that?
that’s what that other guy told me
no, go ahead and turn it on
ok its on. now it wont do nothing again
ok whats on the screen
that same thing
what same thing?
that i had before
what does it say?
i dont know, it just says all this crazy stuff
but i need to know what’s the error
it just has this thing. it’s a blue screen and in the right there’s this one box and on the left is another line and at the bottom it has ok and cancel.
ok, so what’s the wording there?
it just says cancel


thoughts today

i’ve got this damned song stuck in my head that i dont like. we’re out looking for astronauts, looking for astronauts. repeated. repeated repeated