Monday, November 26, 2001

ohhhhh yea so you know you’ve been playing video games too long when you see the
first Christmas decorations in your town and the first thing you think of is
Shenmue at Christmas time.  for those not in the know, shenmue 2 has been
cancelled in the us for dreamcast.  it has been moved to an xbox
exclusive.  when i get rich again, i’ll buy an xbox.  and i might just
have to buy a ps2 so i can play the final fantasy series.  speaking of
dreamcast, here’s a great dc emulation site:  consolevision.
it amazes me how these guys can figure out how to program that little box.
there’s even emu’s for the ps2 now.  and what’s the point of buying a
gameboy advance when you can get the games and an emulator online?  i am
into emulation, but i’m more into the collecting part of it.  i like to
have the old old arcade games.  pacman, tron, asteroids.  i like to be
able to play them and not have to pay 25 cents a pop.  plus, there are
quite a few new games on the emu scene.  the ones that use the custom 3d
hardware aren’t emulated yet.  but i’m sure it will be one day.  the
whole n64 emulator on the dreamcast was a joke.  the neogeo emu was a
joke.  i was there on the showdown that night with the supposed n64 emu
author.  it was a good show, and entertaining for sure. i got all the irc
logs.  however, there is a mame project for the dc, and mame does neo
geo.  neogeo was a great system, and snk made some great games, too bad
they recently went out of business.  i’d like to get an old sega saturn to
play bomberman, ecco the dolphin, knights, and that dragon saga or something or
another.  last neogeo system i saw was at the anime con here in durham.
and there’s an arcade neogeo system that has 4 games on it in a restaurant in
henderson.  and i fell in love with the game windjammers at some place in
zebulon.  but we wont talk about that.  arcades arent what they used
to be. i remember going to spring lake, no… something lake here in nc a long
time ago with a friend and his family.  they had a warehouse full of arcade
games.  now, there’s really nothing.  there’s only 2 i know of, one at
crabtree mall and one at adventure landing, a putt putt place in raleigh.
plus they’re so expensive now.  i think the last time i played an arcade
game was one of the dungeon and dragons series in crabtree with me and a
friend.  we actually beat the game, go us!  now, when i want to beat a
arcade game, i download it, play it and just keep hitting f1 to simulate a coin
drop!  so i helped steve some on a new ut map, just did some rearranging to
one of the rooms.  maybe he’ll have a release soon.  i’ve been too
busy with my music and stuff recently to do anything else.  just making
sure everything is perfect for saturday night.  i bought a bunch of plastic
containers tonight to put all my crap in.  i still need a fold up table,
and i want 2 little stands to put these huge 90pound speakers on, but no luck
yet.  i want a dimmable light for my dj table and a fan.  i want to
learn to mix beats, realtime.  i thought tonight of a way to get fruity
loops into playing 2 instances of winamp. hmmm  the timing would be too
terrible though.  i really like my new song.  i rarely really like
something i make, i’m too critical.  but it still needs more work.
dont worry, i know it ends too abruptly 😉  hmm i need to write some
poetry. just cuz i haven’t in a while.   ok i gotta test steve’s new

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Since most of you don’t read these news bits, just read this part :  NEW
MUSIC HAS BEEN ADDED!!  Please check it out, and let
me know
what you think.   i worked long and hard on this one, and
actually think it turned out nice.  Now, my rant time.   Its the
end of a long weekend and i needed to update.  On Thanksgiving, i attended
my first house blessing.  If i was to buy a used house, I’d get mine
blessed, cept i wouldn’t know who to get to do it.  Speaking of spam, i
recently got a email saying that all i had to do was pay like 50 bucks and i
could be an ordained priest!  man, is it really that easy?  😉
hmm lets check my random spam messages today..  hmm seems like I’ve been
offered a job to help some company collect child support payments. and i have
another offer to increase my penis size by 1 to 3 inches by simply
taking a pill.  
  it seems like i dont’ get nearly as much
spam on Sundays for some reason.  ahh well.  so I’ve been spending the
dough, does anyone want a dj for a party?  ive got almost all the equipment
now.  why dont you come see me and Mercy December 1, 2001 at Philly Bistro
in Wake Forest?  You know, you’d think these cables are cheap, but once you
realize you need like 10 cables for different things and each cable is like 20
bucks, it adds up real quick.  plus, my mixer has decided to add some
effects of its own when it’s playing, and i have to have this mixer saturday.
i found  a place in raleigh that would service it, under warranty too, but
i have no guarantee i’ll get it back before our gig.  so … as i’ve gotten
into the habit after learning the hard way, i like to have redundant everything,
i bought another one 🙂  🙁  money money money, i hope by doing these
gigs i’ll at least be able to pay for my equipment, that’s all i want.  i’m
not looking to get rich, yet.  then i could give Steve
back his amp and buy one of my own.  If i ever do any real dj’ing, i need a
sub, and an amp for my sub and another for my main speakers.  plus, i need
a van or truck or trailer or something or another.  but i’ll make do for
now.  so i needed to get a new cd player anyway because mine in my computer
room has been skipping a lot recently. its sooo old..  and i needed one for
mercy’s singing, so i found this nice one at best buy that is a 5 cd changer,
and does mp3’s!  how cool is that?  i haven’t tested the mp3 part yet,
but i should be able to burn a disk tonight for it.  it even has digital
out, and all for $120.  cant beat that.  cept the digital cables are
$40 bucks EACH!  that just broke my heart, seeing as i had to buy 2 of
them.  but now I’m set.  my wish list:  wireless microphone, 2
nice crown amps, subwoofer, crossover, equalizer, another cd player for mixing,
and a van.  sigh…

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

What is up with
me and these midnight entries?? hmmm anyway, just one news note – NEW NOVEMBER
POETRY!! read it, and better yet tell me
what you think. that’s why it’s there.  today’s addition to the loneliness
page is – putting freshly washed sheets on the bed and no one to share them with.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

so i bit
the bullet and now i have these unbelievably huge speakers.  i went to mars
early saturday morning and bought two jbl tr225’s.  2 15″ woofers and
a horn for highs.  of course, i didn’t have anything to plug them into, so
i had to wait till tonight to hear them!  and boy do they rock.  one
of my ears still feels like someone is pushing into it with their fist
constantly.  these baby’s handle 450 watts RMS, and 1800 watt peak!
Steve brought over a crown amp that really pushed them and we hooked it up to my
mixer board and even ran a game of UT on it!  rock on!  i also bought
a compressor/limiter that i will use to plug into the mic line.  oww my ear
hurts!  i also tested some last night running my guitar through the
compressor and it made a huge difference in the sound of it.  so i’m gonna
hopefully have something recorded through it pretty soon now.  other than
that, i just stayed at home all weekend.  playing with my new toys.
went to a early thanksgiving dinner sunday.  i need sleep.  i wanna
make some music, i wanna play a game.  i wanna clean my house.  took
me a while to put up all our toys me and steve brought out tonight. each speaker
weighs 90 pounds!  And the amps aren’t light either.  but now my room
doesn’t look like my current cam pic which is full of equipment.  like
anyone sees my room or anything else here anyway.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Ok, if your just
dumb then quit reading.  evidently your dumb cuz your still reading this
though.  anyway, i just made a section for con reports on the links
there.  so the con report for nekocon is there.  still working on
it!  lots of pictures, i have 3 pages done so far.  new november
poetry will be appearing in just a few minutes as soon as i can post it.
i’ve decided to quit school.  its not my responsibility to teach the class
just because i know more than anyone else.  i’m going to learn just like
everyone else is, but i aint learning a thing.  ahh well.  lets me
concentrate on more important thingies.  one of my favorite quotes this
week has got to be ‘are you the one who wrote that perverted song?’ (or
something like that) from a lady in cali.  ahh i have fans.  anyway,
hi jessica if you ever get your computer running again. i swear i didn’t put
that virus on it 😉  i actually want to make my latest poem into a song,
but no luck yet.  i have found a few good synths, but i need a good program
to generate some nice warm pad sounds.  i have found some, but i want a
free one!!  anyway….  hmm i’m really trying to update more.. so what
can i say?… ah.. i have had some pretty strange dreams.  i almost hate a certain
person for calling me early saturday morning and disrupting it.  it was so
sensual, yet it was nothing sexual about it.  sorry, i can’t explain
it.  but i had the love of my life literally (i hate that word) in the palm
of my hand and i chose not to come out of the dream world just yet, so we stayed
a little longer.  problem is, we never came back out together …. at least
it’s better than the nightmares i had been having recently.  i don’t think
anything’s as bad as having the depths of hell come after you in one dream, you
get murdered in another dream, and you just have this overwhelming feeling that
another dream is going to turn out very badly when it suddenly ends.  and
to top it all off, all three of those dreams were in one night!!  what is
going on with me?  i’d love to have a dream recorder.  i’d pay lots of
cash for it.  problem is i dont have lots of cash. i’d love to be able to
remember my dreams better.  i really do love my dreams.  and i just
simply dont have bad dreams.  so it was pretty disturbing to have all these
bad dreams i have been having recently.  i have had bad dreams.  just
none in a looong time.