blues man blues

come on blues man
play me some blues
drown out my thoughts
with your sad sad news
turn it on up
tell me your story
I want to hear about
your heartbroken allegory
I know it’s a sad song
even though it’s upbeat
but it’s holding back my tears
as i’m stomping my feet
so come on blues man
sing me your blues
or I’ll drown out your thoughts
with my sad sad news


failed poem

i’d love to call you baby
and hold you all night maybe
even more to be my lady

damn thats so corny


I’m going to bed
and I’m going to think
I’ll cuddle my pillow
and pretend it’s you
I’m holding
I’m loving
my thoughts of you

I’m going to sleep
and I’m going to dream
you’re cuddling your pillow
and pretending it’s me
you’re holding
you’re loving
you’re dreaming of me



everything’s numb
dry mouth
breathy sighs
I can imagine her
looking into my eyes
I can pretend
that she’s all mine
I can imagine
that now she’s satisfied


don’t get it

I don’t get
what you see in me
I’mm not a hunk or buff
or drunk stupid crazy
I’m not an athlete or musician
doctor or mathematician
I’m a skinny white nerd
I write to be heard
I play to impress
but it’s usually in jest
I don’t care to be in
as I don’t care what’s out
I’m proud of who I am
I’m just me being me
but maybe that’s exactly what you see